Monday, 3 September 2014

SSBS Round 7 with Wes

I received a phone call late Wednesday afternoon from McCallums Tackleworld Nowra with a husky voice on the other end asking me if I was still thinking of fishing the Squidgy Southern Bream Series Round 7 on St Georges Basin. As I was driving at the time and couldn't hear to well, I said I would call in as I was in town anyway. With 5 mins before close I go in to meet up with Wes Murphy, Basin Lure and Fly vice president and Fishing World Team angler.

I jumped at the chance for the experience and over the next few days we organised our plan for the day from leaving his place at 4.30am to how we were going to fish the day. The more we watched the weather the better it looked like it was going to be. Although the day looked like it was going to be sunny, on arrival at Wes's house it didn't seem like it was ever going to warm up. We were on the water by around 5am and made our way from the Basin View ramp to the weigh in area over at Palm Beach. Not a word was said on the drive over as both of us tried to find some protection behind the centre console of his Scout.

After what felt like forever, we arrived at Palm Beach to be amongst some of the first to turn up. A quick introduction, sign in and a large flat white filled in some time while we waited for kick off and every time I turned my back to the shore more and more boats were being jammed in.

With a few minutes to go the proceedings were under way and Wes was on the mic going through the rules for the day. Everyone was pretty quick to get back into the boats and we waited for our start number to be called out so we could get out there.

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Our plan of attack involved fishing the edges in the morning then moving deeper as the day progressed. Our first location was the mouth of Wandy Creek. Unfortunately we came up with nothing here. The water was dead calm but the weather was really starting to put on a show for the 2nd day of Spring.

We moved around for a while then went for a change of locations. We moved to a different bank and kept working the shallows. By this time we had changed through a couple of different hardbody lures from natural to a little more out there. The water was crystal clear but nothing we threw seemed to entice any follows or bumps.

So to the depths we went. As we motored across the Basin we noticed a school on the sounder and placed a mark. We then tried blades and plastics and finally we were on. Wes got into a good tussle but as it came closer to the boat we realised it wasn't what we were after. Regardless a great fish none the less. At the same time a slight breeze blew across which seemed to change things for us a little.

The mid 40's Snapper was great and Wes's advice was that we should expect some Bream amongst them, so we went for the same drift which resulted in another fish! Both of these being Wes's first fish on Ecogear Bream Prawns, now dubbed Snapper Prawns. I was flicking a Z-Man Grubz 2.5" in Motor Oil and managed 2 hits on the same drop whilst Wes was bringing in his fish. Thinking we had a double hook up, it wasn't to be.

We tried the drift a few more times but it looked like the school had moved on. Getting a little itchy at the fact we hadn't landed the species we had come here for we moved into Swan Bay. We started our drift with Wes on a Ecogear vibe and I continued with the Z-man. A couple of cast in I said to Wes that I would give it 5 more cast before changing lures. 3rd cast in and I felt a bump, a lift of the rod and I was on. We get a glimpse and finally we had our first Bream of the day.

Unfortunately for us, that was our only Bream for the day. We kept plugging away, but it wasn't to be. With the clock ticking we thought it best to head back and get ready for the weigh in. We ended up placing 34th with our 1 Bream weighing in at 750g. A tough day for us, and from what most people were saying they found it hard going too. A huge thanks to Wes for the opportunity to get involved with something like that, and I think the bug has bitten.

Saturday, 25 August 2014

Out of the darkness and into the UV light

After doing some reading on UV light in the latest Barra, Bass and Bream magazine and the fact alot of lure manufactures now advertising the fact that their lures are UV reactive, I thought I should pick one up and shine it through my tackle box.

For those who aren't aware there has been some research done on UV light and  some animals have the ability to see it, unlike humans. Normal daylight as we see it is reduced considerably in water around the 3-5 meter mark and that UV light has the ability to penetrate to approx. 10 meters.

Research has also been done at the University of Queensland on fish themselves and how they appear under a UV light. To the human eye the fish look virtually identical, however under UV a unique pattern can distinguish the two fish apart more easily.

Source: Ulrike Sielbeck

With this in mind I have photographed a selection of lures from my collection showing how we see it under normal lighting, then under UV. Just note that white lures didn't really glow like others, but reflected the light. Check out the results:

Z-man Soft Plastics

Squidgy Soft Plastics

Squidgy S-Factor

Gulp Soft Plastics

Jackall Chubby's

Atomic Hardz

Maria Cranks


Rapala Clackin Raps and Crank

Cranka Cranks

Saku Cranks

Rapala 2 fluro lures

Z-man Micro Chatterbait (note how well this worked at the end of the season)

Spinnerbaits, Chatterbait, Buzzbait

And the biggest surprise, a Damiki Air Craw

Is this going to change which lures I purchase going forward? Well probably yes, but I will probably look strange with a UV torch in the tackle shop. According to Gavin from Tackleworld Nowra there were plenty of people walking around the AFTA with a torch, so maybe this will be the way of the future? Will this change how you fish?

Friday, 24 August 2014

Blown away on Jervis Bay

Nothing to report...again. My fiancee's grandfather Phil and I hit J.B. to try and find some snapper. Things were looking good until some strong winds came through and sent us home. Itching for September to roll around, not long now.